Let us engage, alter, impress. Let us remember our tranquil origin, protect, glisten. Outcasts that never wanted to be incasts.


The south Stockholm 109 PARFUMS atelier hosts the house laboratory, where creations are developed, hand-crafted and bottled in minor batches.

The numeral combination of 109 PARFUMS exposes the graphical elements of the binary - the number one brings the line, the zero brings the circle and the nine interlinks them both. They represent the leitmotif of the laboratory: the deconstruction of principals and standards while connecting subcultures and minorities.

The house stays true to the discourse that young creatives see the world differently. This is the reason the house supports other young independent artists, producers, graphic designers, couturiers, photographers and poets. Each full size bottle includes a fragrance-specific poem by one of the house poets Elis Burrau and Evyn Redar.


Patrick David is the house perfumer at the Beirut native, Stockholm based 109 PARFUMS. Fragrance and scents have curated his life chapters from an early childhood. The olfactory concept has been a perpetual appeal of his life for the past twenty years.

Self-taught, he started experimenting with scents at the age of five. Church mass, Middle Eastern cuisine culture and the obscurity of industrial smells were among the first olfactory obsessions to grasp his mind.

Let the cultural circles remain unbroken.


109 PARFUMS is the gateway to my universe. The universe of fragrant storytelling and peace. In memory of Erik. This is for you ♡ - Patrick